Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cheap Ting iz Good Ting - Alternative Market IV

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Some days after my departure from the freezing pasta land Italia in mid-December and returned to my sweet warm Trinidad & Tobago, a friend referred me to an alternative market in Port-of-Spain. Having had religiously attended the Milan street markets on a weekly basis (evidently a market lover), it was definitely a pleasure to learn about and participate in the local Trini market scene.

The old expression “Good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good” is somewhat contradicted by this‘Cheap Ting iz Good Ting - Alternative Market’. It’s a relatively new initiative by Stephanie Leitch, as the 17thDecember 2011 market was the 4th  installment event. It’s a flea market that allows artists, artisans and the general public to make convenient resourceful and gainful exchange (cash | barter | negotiation) and most importantly things for sale are very affordable! The market aims to take place once every month, with the venue changing accordingly, allowing persons from various communities to participate. Vendors are not given any tables and are therefore not required to pay any fees for a vending space at the event. Artisans can simply contact the market committee to confirm their participation and show up with their goods and good vibes on the day!

So you don’t always need a large table spread setup to sell jewelry. I remembered seeing this little girl during my summer road trip in Callela, Spain selling her jewelry, so here was my mini vending display.
Jewelry Display

There were some other cool things I saw and got from other vendors selling at the market:
These playful sead-bead doll earrings immediately caught my attention, which Liz Steinberg the artisan, was wearing. She started jewelry as a therapeutic hobby and uses natural materials such as stones, juju beans, bamboo, leather in her pieces. Emal: sweetheavenliz@yahoo.com

Doll Seed bead earrings made by Liz Steinberg 
This self-taught Bajan empress Micaela Walker, launched her homebased jewelry and accessories business over 1 year ago. This ‘I Love Afrika’ movement offers knitted bags, purses and her signature clay jewelry. She uses natural stones and handmade clay stones in her pieces. Placing emphasis on the beauty of natural life, her work is inspired by Africa, roots culture and rasta women. Even Bob Marley's granddaughter is a fan of ILA clay jewelry. 
 ILA Rasta Clutch purse $150TT  |  ILA Clay Earrings

This second hand shop on the move, is a group business venture involving Stephanie Leitch, Michelle Isava and Candace Moses.  Stephanie uses recycle jeans pants and makes hand bags and other hair accessories. She also makes some cool earring holders which would definitely help you manage your earring collection at home. Candace sells her Kandakejewelry and Michelle sells a variety of second hand clothing, shoes, books etc.
Jeans bag & Earring holder  |  Candace working on her Kadake Jewelry  |  Second hand items

Vice Versa
Jamilia Alexander and Sanian lewis launched their fashion company 1 year ago. They offer styling, image costultancy services along with design, restyling and customization of fashion accessorries. they both aim to bring the latest international fashion trends to Trinidad & Tobago. 
Vice Versa *Photos courtesy 8Point Images

Is an Afrocentric clothing line from designer Kindele Aixe. Based in New York, her line is described as a fashion movement drawing inspirations from nature and the struggles of African people worldwide. Her designs combine jersey, African prints, bright colours, bold images creating a look that is truly original. So if you want to join the movement check out her website.

Tuff Like Iron Designer Kindele Aixe

Jemima Charles graduated from UWI 2012 in Visual Arts and is now a fulltime artist with her own studio. Suede Molte Art Studio is a space for artistic development through fine arts, craft, workshops, artistic events and conversation. Feel free to visit her studio to view her glass print and drawing art work or see what’s buzzing in her workshop.  

Glass Prints by Jemima Charles



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