Saturday, December 1, 2012

I see a Jumbie

True Story

Everything happens for a reason. So the saying goes. The above picture was taken about 2 weeks ago on Divali night at what was formerly known as Sky Bar. Some friends of mine are running a flim night (no spelling error there) at that location on Thursday night and I was 'helping' to set up the projector. The image was the result of some fun experimentation, along with video also using shadows on the wall. I captioned it "Jumbie on yuh back". 

This was phase 1

A week later I was at a market at UWI organized by one of the Guild Faculty members Wesley Kanhai who started telling me and my girlfriend Candace about several of the para normal experiences he has had over the years. My response was, "Thank God none of that stuff has ever happened to me, I would be totally freaked out!" Later on that night I went to see a dear friend of mine who's mom had just died and he told me he was having trouble sleeping. On the way home Candace explained that he might be dreaming of his mother which would be very un nerving since her passing. Since she also dreams (and remembers) I said both of you are more spiritually connected than I am  and she asked why and I said because you are connected to the unreal through dreams. 

A few minutes later while driving into my street at about 2:30 am I saw a dark figure (like a shadow almost) turning the corner and said, "What is someone doing walking the street at this hour?" I live in a residential area that is full of retirees and very quiet. My girlfriend said, "I hope it's not a jumbie and is still there when we turn the corner." 

[Turn Corner] NO ONE IS THERE - the figure has vanished into thin air. There was nowhere for 'him' to go.  No house, no alley VANISHED

Needless to say I was freaked to fuck out but at least I knew I was not crazy because we had both seen it. I asked Candace WHAT ON EARTH made you say that? She just shrugged and said she didn't know.

I think the spiritual realm was sending me a message. Letting me know that they do exist.

OK I believe now. Please leave me alone in future. I just had to share my story. Please feel free to leave yours.