Thursday, June 30, 2011


Welcome to the Contessa Wears No Shoes. For those of you who know me, know that the title of the blog is a derivative of my main alius Barefoot Contessa; the origins of which will be discussed in a later post …

Since blogging is non published writer friendly, it makes sense that this would be the next step in trying to get my work into the global vacuum of the world wide web, in the hope that somebody … anybody will read it. So please do.

I write mostly from a gendered perspective, as I find it quite difficult to write critically otherwise. This does not mean that I only write about women but their interests are always represented regardless of topic.

I will post ‘articles’ and I use that word loosely (as some may refer to them as rants) that have been posted previously on facebook, as well as other linked projects, pictures and blogging sites to which I have contributed.

You can follow me at “Barefoot trails” on ARC and very soon at Outlish.

Do enjoy, read, broaden your perspective, be critical of mine, tell a friend and come again :)

Peace, love and Zaboka.