Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Powerful Dream

Earlier this week two friends said they had dreams about me ... one wrote about it so I decided to share.

Powerful Dream

This morning after yoga (about 4:30 a.m.) I lay down, placed my hands over my heart, fell asleep and had an amazing dream.

In the dream I was going somewhere with a friend. Having forgotten something at home, I went back to get it. I parked the car at the side of the road leading to the driveway and left her sitting there with the window down. I intended to be back in a minute or two, but somehow once I got into my room everything slowed down. I can't recall exactly what I was doing—I think I was rearranging items. I was aware that I was taking longer than planned and that my friend was waiting.

Eventually, as I was about to leave, I noticed a light glowing in South-East corner. By this time it was dark—time had passed. I didn't know where the light was coming from, as there was no sunlight. Upon closer inspection of the corner, I noticed the light was coming from a small candle holder I have with a stained glass angel on it. As far as I knew, there was no candle in it and, even if there had been, I had not lit it.

I went closer and looked into the place where the candle is supposed to go. There I saw the face of Jesus glowing brightly, as though sketched with pure white light. It was the kind of intense luminous white you get when burning magnesium. As I stared at the face, it stared back at me through its third eye, which was a glowing white crosshair (Either of two fine strands of wire crossed in the focus of the eyepiece of an optical instrument and used as a calibration or sighting reference).

Now as I place the image of the crosshair on the blog, I realise it has a cross in the middle. In the dream, Jesus's third-eye/crosshair was pulsing with light, projecting to me, not only as a gift, but also as a message to use the power of my own third eye/crosshair. In the blazing vision, even though Jesus had two other eyes, the third eye was the one being used.

I knew in the dream that the illuminated Jesus was real and that we had communicated with each other.

I woke up feeling very grateful.

Originally Published on Now is Wow Too
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